Chelsea Kennel Club offers PROGRESSIVE, MODERN AND ECO-FRIENDLY surroundings ideal for caring for and visiting with the puppies – which are kept in large, purpose built runs that were specially designed for the store.


Our PUPPIES are healthy, loved and lovable!

Our GROOMING is impeccable and our rates are reasonable.

Our MERCHANDISE is contemporary and high-quality.

Our STAFF is friendly and eager to answer your questions.


We are able to offer QUALITY PEDIGREE AND DESIGNER PUPPIES along with SUPERIOR HEALTH GUARANTEES including a 3-year guarantee against genetic disease, up-to-date vaccinations and an introduction to our VET.


Come see our puppies!



Our expert groomer is known for her care, attention to detail and winning ways with dogs. Yes, she's a dog trainer too!


Walk in or call  for an appointment!

Choose from our contemporary collection of toys, treats, pet care products, collars, leashes, harnesses, coats, beds and bags.



We aim to offer practical flair

and fashion!




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