Over 25 years experience in the pet world led to Chelsea Kennel Club — a PET STORE WITHOUT CAGES, where the merchandise is high quality and eco-friendly, and the puppies are groomed, cosseted, played with, socialized and cared for like our own!


Our vision is to provide the most progressive, caring and ethical pet store we know how, with service, supplies and suppliers to match! We’d love you to come and see for yourself!





Care of the puppies in-store is one thing; we also make sure that our puppies come from kennels owned by top breeders who are ethical, professional, and caring.


We know all our breeders personally and have visited many of their kennels. Our driver, who brings all the puppies to the store, knows and visits them all regularly — besides being a third-generation breeder himself!


These are the minimum standards met and most often exceeded by all CKC breeders:


  • CKC breeder dogs have pedigree records going back at least 3 generations unless it is a new line.
  • CKC purebred adult dogs and purebred puppies are registered and come with all papers.
  • CKC puppies are guaranteed against genetic disease for 3 years.
  • CKC breeder dogs are kept in runs with both indoor and outdoor areas.
  • CKC breeder dogs have been examined by a vet for typical breed defects and diseases such as hip dysplasia and are re-examined yearly.
  • CKC breeder dogs are given breeding rests as recommended by a vet, and are adopted by 6 years of age.



Our puppies come to us with veterinarian-issued health certificates, and they are examined again by our vet and issued again with health certificates when they arrive at Chelsea Kennel Club.


All our puppies are kept up to date with vaccinations, and if you are a customer from out of state, we will provide all document services to ensure your state’s or country’s health requirements are met.


Come see for yourself if our pet store vision meets your own!


213 7th Avenue

(between 22nd and 23rd Street)

New York, NY 10011


Phone: 212-837-1444



We are open every day

from 10am to 8pm.


Our BUYER’S WARRANTY provides you with a two-week return policy in the event of illness, and a 3-year guarantee against all genetic defects.


Before you go home with your puppy, we will go over all the questions you might have about caring for your new pet. Your sale and guarantee papers come with an introduction to our vet, and a leaflet dealing with the most common concerns of new puppy owners.


But rest assured, we won’t ever leave you on your own. After all, we want you to come back for grooming and other purchases! So if you have any questions or concerns about your new puppy, outside the store’s opening hours —10am to 8pm— you can reach us by cell phone 24 hours a day!